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You were born to leave your mark

You’re here because deep down you know you’re a soul leader and you’re ready to master the art of energy and soul medicine and harness your erotic powers of creation.

Heck, you’ve always felt that pretty amazing some-thing within you, just busting to get out in the world.

The creative challenge for us spirited folk is to find the courage to unleash it (in the wildest, most luminous way possible).

And the best part? Earthing it into reality.

Where you show up as your sassy, soulful, raw and real self and your tribe loves you for it. Where you make the kind of cash that blows your mind and have the adventures you used to only dream about.

Where you are in devotion to your divine and in utter love with your body (isn’t it a beautiful temple to create dreams in?)

At the core of it all is your desire to do the work of your soul, lead your own movement, savour your humanness and have a cracking good time as you do!

About me

For you, my untamed Soul Leader

I am so thrilled you’re here and tickled-pink that you’re called to share your soul’s vision and light up the world.

I believe you have something truly unique and mesmerizing to offer, even if you’re still working out how to hear the call, take deep breaths, open that beating heart of yours and jump, baby, jump.

I know when we come together as sisters, when we find our kindred spirits and loyal cheerleaders, our journey lightens up and life becomes oh so more joyful and full of possibilities.

I also know how much it sucks to feel like you’re in a repeating pattern of limitation, like your fears are too big and your goals too crazy, out-there. And I know, intimately, that following the blaze of our own light is an exquisite, messy, glorious, non-negotiable act for us untamed souls.

You are a Soul Leader

Melissa Sandon

Deep down, being a soul leader is really about becoming the untamed woman. She doesn’t fit into a box. She wants to be free to dance her own way. To turn herself on. To share her unique message. When she is in her multi-dimensional, untamed nature, then her leadership is luminous.

Being a soul leader is about being all that you are. A fierce, fiery force of power and the softest heart you'll ever come home to. She's the spirit and the Earth. The Goddess and the Witch. The rule-breaker and the believer.

The Soul Leader


Let's co-create

One the best pleasures of my life is being able to work with incredible souls like you. Yes you.

You really are that magnificent.

I create offerings to teach you how to be rich in your soul work and magnetic in selling your gifts and growing your tribe. And how to help you do all this whilst feeling sensual, erotic and powerful as an untamed woman.

Sell your soul gifts.

I found my vision in my soul’s temple and got really clear on the next big creative project I was to launch. I also happened to meet the souls I was meant to sell the project to. Because it’s always about your creative freedom and being of service. My programs are designed for you to claim yourself as a soul leader and to start being of radical service to your soul clients. To teach you the art of energy and soul medicine and how to harness your erotic powers of creation.

Join the soul leaders.

Us untamed women are gathering in the FREE Soul Leaders Facebook group. It’s here we’re uplifted, heard, seen, held, understood and cheered on in the epic ride of bringing our full selves into the world in our soul-led businesses. We would love to connect with YOU.

Upgrade your energy.

Learn how I went from being a struggling healer, in debt, unhappy and wishing things would change (but they never did), to having a thriving business, a wait-list of amazing clients, the courage to step up as a leader and the unlimited flow of riches from living my true purpose. Start the free training.

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My soul’s journey
(aka wild ride of my life)

My soul, bless her, has always asked me to jump into her wild and mysterious ways. I used to hide in my corner, trying to keep my sensitive heart safe. But her desire was relentless, her purpose on earth non-negotiable. So I had to giddy up, still my beating heart and follow my own calling.

My creative challenge has been to ground my light waves and to earth them into being. Erotic intimacy. In this body. In this feeling. Showing up and doing the work. Staying here,, in my moments, even though my energy is forever telling me to come play in the stars.

How it all unfolded. Til now. Who knows what’s to come.

Every client who walks through my door explores her soul’s timeline and curates the loving themes that have been guiding her all along. It’s powerful stuff.

And it was just as potent when I did it for myself. So here it is. My timeline. The highlights and the lowlights.

Melissa as baby

Dazed and confused

Born: May 27, 1982. On my great arrival my mum and I were off in lala-land after doctors gave her a sleeping pill and said I'd take ages. Not true; this life I'm unpatterning their influence and declaring my right to birth myself with light-speed and a roar on my lips.

Young Melissa at the beach

Beach bum

Ignited my love of being topess and at the beach. Most loved-up kid on the block. First child for many. Me and Teddy Ruxpin went everywhere.

Melissa with a dog

Join the herbivores

Age 8. Think about eating animals and decide it hurts my heart too much. Choose vegetarianism for the rest of my life.

Melissa with family

Divine feminine makes her mark

I run the cross country as the only 9 year old who needed a bra. I refuse to wear one. Get embarrassed about blood in my undies and trash them before mum finds out. The shame wires in deep. Storms hit our family: I take it all to heart but pretend I'm strong.

hand written letter

Hallmark Cards + unrequited love

I write the prose for my great-grandmother's funeral and dad tells me I should write for Hallmark. It plants a seed. Spend the next year writing secret love poems about the boys in grade 7 and how I am seed that wants to bud.

scene from movie The Craft

Witches of the craft

I watch The Craft at the same time I fall out with the cool kids. I find the rebels and we spend our time practicing Ouija boards, full moon rituals and levitation by night. Meet my spirit guide Zias and write to her every day.

Melissa with surf board

Surfer girls

Found my tribe at the ocean. Surfer girls rock. Rode my bike to the beach with surfboard under my arm everyday before school. Boardies and boys became my thing.

Melissa at a party

Led Zeppelin + Meditation

Angsty. Dark and Light in equal measures. Drunk beach parties. School captain. I meditate to Led Zeppelin. Meet my soul during one of my odysseys and weep when she looks into my eyes. Every night we meet on an ocean's cliff in my mind's eye and shapeshift into an eagle turned dolphin.

Melissa in school uniform

The writer becomes an engineer

Voted 'most likely to be the next Prime Minister' in the school year book. Finished top of the year in English & Drama but decide to study engineering, you know, to make parents proud.

Melissa at graduation

The university years

Maths. Too much maths. Shut down my voice because I feel too dumb to ask a question. First boyfriend. First break-up. Many rebounds. Meet a guy who introduces me to William Blake and I spend my lunchtimes reading Auguries of Innocence at the duck pond

Melissa with work colleagues

Corporate world + break down

Still on the path to success. Score a top gig as a water engineer. Hang out with men. Lots of them. Work + play + lose my soul to the big mining corporations. Body breaks down after 2 years. I take stress leave at 24.

Cover of the book Light Emerging


Sit under a tree in my backyard for a month. Freak flatmates out when I do at-home silent retreat. Light Emerging, by Barbara Ann Brennan becomes my bible. Heal my hurts. And start waking up to a deeper calling. Quit my job and join the Red Cross.

Melissa in The Maldives

Go overseas to find myself

The Red Cross deploy me to The Maldives post-Boxing Day tsunami. Endless ocean. Work of my heart. Still surrounded by men.

Melissa in India


Trip over to India on a regular basis, sit on Ashram floors and become a travelling soul seeker. Decide to be celebate for a year.

Melissa in Sri Lanka

Meet the Goddess Kali

Have a cosmic, psychedelic love affair with an older, yogic man in Sri Lanka. He tells me I AM THAT. It's really just lofty escapism. His ex-wife confronts me with the force of Kali herself. I'm left weak at the knees and feeling devoid of my feminine power.

Melissa amongst tree roots in forest

Come home to I am this

I was coming home for a year to study kinesiology and here I am still am. My great return to the devine feminine. I AM THIS. Healing old family ties. Left a dysfunctional relationship after a Goddess retreat. Study kinesiology whilst managing a million dollar sustainability program.

Melissa in waterfall

Surrender to love

He comes along. He's not what I am looking for but his energy touches me. My head says run, but my heart says open. I freak and surrender (at the same time). Turns out I'd been holding myself out of my true heart for a long time. All of life comes gushing in and I realise I want to teach this extreme openness.

Family photo with Melissa

New life

Move to the country with waterfalls and horses. Become a stepmum to two boys. Quit my job and start my clinic as a kinesiologist. Try for a baby. Vasectomy reversal fails and I got brave enough to ask myself what I really desire anyway. My soul wants to birth me.

Melissa with gorup of women on retreat

Re-birth, divine feminine + Soul Sistas

My creative spirit commands me to make my art. The expression of me. I teach intuitive leadership in a workshop and my movement is born. I dream of my message globally. Online becomes my next big project. My spirit flows through me and confronts all the shit. It's heavy release at each step. As I purge my fear, I devote to my soul, always. I find my Soul Sistas.

Melissa with dance class

Erotic embodiment

I begin to return to my body. I launch myself online; this birth is immense. My leadership comes through my womb, down the birth canal and into the world. I start devotional erotic dance and am home. Clean-up my diet. Shake up throat chakra. Vibration on high.

Melissa, kneeling, on beach

Activate my riches

Money is the last embodiment to take effect. I realise that when I lock myself from abundance, I shut off the flow of the whole universe. A healing model comes to me and I apply it in my own life. Riches flow. I release my free training to the world. The whole universe moves through me.

Melissa in Bali

Run my freedom business

Teaching Energy for Abundance to so many powerful soul leaders lifted me up into my riches. My whole life shifted and my business became location-independent and completely loved up in abundance. I started to connect with women all around the world, finding myself in Bali with trips booked to the US and Europe. Life suddenly got a whole lot wilder and richer.

Abstract representation of the future

To my creative possibilities

The mystery is exquisite.


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