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Meet Kathryn Hocking. Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner.

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Today I want to introduce you to my friend and client, Kathryn Hocking.

You may have heard of Kathryn. For years, she has run a very successful online training business, teaching 1000s of women how to create and launch e-courses through her signature program: E-course Launch Formula. 

When Kathryn first entered my world, she wanted to unveil her intuitive, spiritual side. You see, she had been devoted to her spirituality for a long time, but hadn’t been expressing this part of herself through her business.

As she went through my soul leadership program, I witnessed her download an intuitive aspect to her work, teaching women how to do launching, the soulful way. She created an incredible program, Launch Mastery, which united both the masculine and feminine way of launching, channelling the launch goddesses, tapping into launch energies and creating a whole new potential for her clients.

And then she joined the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification.

When Kathryn and I chatted in her enrolment interview, she asked me straight up: ‘Can I use this material to create my own programs and body of work?’

In that moment, she opened me up to a whole new possibility for how to run our practitioner training.

Sure, there were women who wanted to follow the traditional path – working one on one, developing clinics and online energy & soul packages.

And then there were women like Kathryn who have a destiny to bring their own soul work into the world. They want to deliver group programs and trainings, they want to teach and speak, write books and deliver their own soul arts.

And I realize its part of my greater mentorship role to be a soul midwife to their bodies of work as they are earthed.

Kathryn has really blown me away with her intuitive gifts this year. She’s one of those naturals who has really taken the initiation and ran with it in her own creative way.

From pretty early on, she was completing her own energy & soul sessions with the flair of a practitioner who has been working for years.

And then as the months went on, her higher intuitive channel blasted open and she started receiving the beginning vision for her greater body of work and legacy.

And what a body of work it is!

Kathryn has been doing incredible activations and energy work, helping her clients to open up to receiving through their launches and cultivating the energetic bravery to be seen and heard for who they really are.

You can check out her launch energetic packages here.

Kathryn and I sat down to chat about her experience of creating her soul work and mastering her energy & soul gifts as a practitioner.  

You’re going to LOVE what she has to say (excuse the bad audio, we forgot to turn the microphones on!):

If you feel called to create your own soul-led business or body of work like Kathryn has, then I would love to chat with you!

We’re currently accepting applications for the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification, with some incredible bonuses for those apply before the end of the year.

I’d love to hear about your soul vision and what you would love to create!


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