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How to invest in your highest potential

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Melissa guides women to birth their potential in her signature 12-month Soul Leader School program and grows practitioners into their mastery with the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification. You can find her over on Facebook and Instagram.

Moving into alignment with your highest potential will shake you to your very core.

First you have to open enough to allow your soul to flood into your human body. To take your awareness and send it sky-high, smack-bang into the endless waves of your spirit, to be penetrated by your unfolding creativity and to know the gold is really in the multiple doorways and infinite threads of your soul that exist beneath your surface.

This is often the phase of great healing. You debunk the old stories, you release the trauma, you train your nervous system to be as calm as humanly possible (cos terror is natural folks) as you begin to align with what is good and true and oh so bold for you.

This is the phase of working out who the heck you really are beyond all the roles and games you’ve been playing and why you’re actually here. What it is about you that is so damn special, the gifts that are your legacy to give and the imperative to get out of your own way in this lifetime to give them.

Once you know this, you can never, ever un-know it. Even if your ego is obsessed with trying to forget it (hello every time I hit an upper limit).

Ain’t going to happen – because now your soul is firmly lodged in the epicenter of your heart.

Once you’ve been through the holy reckoning of home-coming to yourself, once you’ve been brought to your knees by the sheer brilliance of your light-force, once you’ve wept sweet tears of feeling your SELF in your BODY, then you’re ready for phase 2.

Taking your internal throb and making it real in the world.

And just when you thought the divine could ask nothing more of you than what you’ve already given, when you remember the healing that had you naked and bared upon the altar of life, when you remember the blackness of the so-called dark night of your soul, when you think you’ve been through enough, then you’re asked to dig even deeper and unleash your good self in the world.

This part is non-negotiable.

Because there is no point in being all loved up within yourself if that self can’t bear to be seen and heard and savoured by the whole wide world.

It’s a frank truth to know that your gifts are useless if they are not shared. That if you can’t put your money where your heart is and invest in the void of your potential, if you can’t leap before you know, if you can’t back yourself beyond everything else, then there really is no point in knowing your soul in the first place.

That sounds really harsh, but it is true.

It is the era of self-actualisation.

Where freedom is not just a nice idea, but an actual living, breathing devotion within you.

You seek to be free in who you are because you know that who you really are has so much light to shine.

When you can feel the luminosity just busting to beam out, you get an inkling of how far it’s reach actually goes. It’s big baby, it’s global and it scares you like nothing else.

This is about the time when the ego might chime in with ‘can’t I just do my work behind the scenes and not make a big hoo-har about it?’ Well yes, you could.

But it kind of feels like a disservice to all the women you ever were, the ancestors who walked before you, the ones who fought for freedom and the moments of your past lives where your gifts were trapped in the fear of an unconscious collective.

It is all well and good to lead the simple life and thank goodness for those souls who do. I admire them so much. But if you’re reading this, if we’re having this conversation, then some spark of you has already declared yourself a soul leader.

Sorry love, that was your soul’s choice and it was made about the time you choose this crazy little thing called LIFE.

She chose to lead with her gifts, because it is her time to shine. And she won’t be satisfied until you get courageous enough to dream big and just freaking do it.

She wants you to unleash her potential and open yourself to the riches of the world.

In practical terms, that means the soul leader within you is ready to create her next wild offering. To get that project OUT in the world. To launch. To call a tribe to her. To be daring enough. To speak. To teach. To write. To dance. To love. To lead.

To show the world who she really is despite it being oh so cozy to keep doing the merry little healing journey within.

This is phase 2.

And it’s this phase that nearly undid me.

You see, I was pretty masterful at phase 1. I could dance for days with my soul (still can). Light a candle, invoke the never-never and trip out on all the wild places she takes me.

All without leaving the comfort of this temple of one.

It’s a heady mix of being super sensitive, open to my gifts and arriving on planet earth in a state of shock at all the intense energies flying around. It was always safer for me to play in the higher fields, to untangle my presence from life and lift up, up away back to all that feels light and free in the cosmos.

If you have been following my journey for a while, you know that being like that is kind of like missing the whole point. If you incarnate on earth and then do your darndest to escape it again then you’re really not being of service.

This message has been coming to me for yonks, the truth that began the seemingly never-ending process of weaving my spirit into my body and showing up in the world.

I like to call it the slap of the divine.

Do your work child and stop avoiding it!

So phase 2 for me was about first learning to be in my body, to stay with the pain and the pleasure and to keep riding those waves even when they felt like they were going to boil over to oblivion. It’s hot! (For me, that’s how intense my spiritual force feels to my nervous system).

And next was to giddy up and start creating my body of work. To actually bring something to life that is useful to the world. Which, for soul leaders is always a very simple mix of packaging what you’ve learnt in your journey with your superpowers (think: the gifts that show up when you’re being very, very present. Like being an awesome listener, or feeling waves of intuition in your body, or being able to vision and strategise, or being uber creative – it’s not rocket science, we all have them).

I make it sound like choosing to create your body of work (soul work)is a walk in the park. And at one level it’s so simple. It’s been with you all along and once you fully claim it, you’ll be like DUH! But the creative process is a birth and maybe even the most epic one you’ll ever journey with.

You’ll be inspired. Afraid. Stuck. Ready. Expansive. Wanting to hide. At some point you’ll be more open than you ever have been, healing the threads of your karma at the same time as channeling the most sublime beauty you could ever perceive. It’s usually at this point you’ll want to give up.

I always get to this point in phase 2 and tell myself and the loving souls who band around me that I am giving up, it is simply not possible for little old me to create so much god damn potential in the world.

This always messes with my head. Cos I can feel the vision. I know it and can never un-know it. But as the vision starts to birth itself, it meets the firing line of my primal protection mechanisms who have started up this war chant that goes something like this:

Who are you to believe this is real for you?

How dare you risk yourself and the ones you love.

You are not that powerful.

Oh, and they get super feisty with this one:

You don’t have the money, time or savvy to pull this off.

And at some point I usually break down, meeting yet again the pain I have always felt, every time my soul has had to put her gifts back in the cupboard and shackle herself to a life of ordinariness when I hear this:

You will never, ever fulfill your soul’s potential.

It’s right about now that I become undone. Because my soul wants this (whatever her next creative evolution is) but my human is simply not used to such wild possibility and bold risk. I’ve got used to tumbling into the dark of this, convincing myself that life and the ones who don’t get me are cruel and I am a victim of being me.

I’ve learnt that if I ride this dark, stay calm (ha! that never happens) and not make any choices out of victimhood (again, I can’t promise it), then I usually always pop out the other side – ready to make the leap and feeling mildly nauseous with the exhilaration of playing in a whole new field of possibilities.

That’s when I start my own little chant:

You are THAT woman.

Your dreams are real.

You can manifest the money to make it happen.

You have the power to create the most radical freedom, riches and service you desire.

This is when things begin to magic into being. Your whole world shifts to let in new light and your potential starts to course through your veins.

You’re still getting used to it and loving (dragging) your nervous system along as it learns to open up and let in the riches that come from choosing your desires.

This starts phase 3.

Living the dream. And knowing that you invested in yourself to do it.

The difference between those who make it to phase 3 of their potential and those who don’t is only ever the choice to the woman who invests in her potential and decides that she is unwavering in riding out the journey to what she truly desires.

Are you that woman?

Join my exclusive 6 month mentoring for Women Soul Leaders who are ready to invest in and claim their wildest potential

I would love to extend my personal invitation to you to apply for my personal 6 month mentoring program. I am opening this program to two dedicated powerful women who are ready to step up into their potential and bring it blazing in the world.

This is a program focussed not only on the inner transformation to upgrade into abundance consciousness and personal mastery but also the outer, earthly journey of launching your soul work in the world.

I will be teaching you everything I know about channelling your soul work, running a thriving coaching practice (and being booked up with awesome clients), growing a tribe, speaking your messages on webinars and telecalls, launching group programs and creating your first five figure launch.

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This is such a high-touch program where I will know your business inside out and working with you individually on a weekly basis, that I am only offering two spaces.

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Here’s the personal invite from me to apply:

This exclusive mentorship experience may be for you if….

  • You have launched or are launching a passion business selling your soul gifts and are ready to take it to the next level. For this program, it’s important that you’ve defined your gifts and know what you want to bring into the world. If you’re still exploring your gifts and finding the conviction and commitment to bring them into the world, then my Energy for Abundance program may be for you (coming again in early 2016)
  • You are willing to do the inner work required to lift yourself into your highest potential. This means you’re committed to seeing through the fears that hold us back and continue to rise into your true freedom
  • You are committed to taking action and bringing something real into the world with your gifts even if that scares you something silly! This program is a union of feminine and masculine and for so many women soul leaders, our masculine (the programs, the structure, systems, revenue streams, active plans) is very underdeveloped. You’ve got to be ready to do the work and get something out in the world. You will be realised at a whole new level when you do.
  • Birthing yourself in 2016 is non-negotiable. You get the sense that it is time and you are so ready to take action NOW. Hanging back and exploring more will feel like procrastination for you and you know you have everything you need within you (with my expert mentorship support to really go there).

Does this excite your soul and stretch you at the same time? If you’re feeling the pull, please do accept my invitation to apply:

With all my love,

Melissa x

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2 comments for “How to invest in your highest potential

  1. Katie
    January 1, 2016 at 2:37 pm

    A wonderful post – it resonates on many levels, as your words so often do – powerful and beautiful message for us all. xx

    • Melissa Sandon
      January 11, 2016 at 2:55 pm

      Thank you, woman x

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