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How to speak directly to your soul & get clarity on what to do next

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Melissa guides women to birth their potential in her signature 12-month Soul Leader School program and grows practitioners into their mastery with the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification. You can find her over on Facebook and Instagram.

I run my entire business from soul.

It doesn’t mean I don’t get strategic, or think very creatively about what I need to do, but every big choice I make comes because I’ve had a conversation with my soul about what to do next.

I ask her (my soul) what she desires to create and birth in the world.

I ask her to introduce me to my soul clients so I can know who they are, devote myself to their hearts and learn how to reach out to them.

I ask her about the structure of my teachings, the number of women I’m meant to call in for a particular launch, the other leaders I’m meant to connect and partner with.

When I’m chatting to her, she also reminds me how to source myself from the divine so I don’t exhaust myself, how to use my magnetic powers to create my desires and how to lift up into bigger possibilities for myself.

“No, you’re thinking too small” she often tells me.

Running my business and my life from my soul has meant that I’ve been able to manifest incredible things this year.

In January, I made $60,000 in my business from one email (which is more than I made two years ago, in TOTAL).

My relationship radically transformed to a place where my man began living his dreams and we started working location independently – together (hello, midday beach swim or bike ride or long napping cuddle).

In the same first quarter of this year I’ve travelled to Bali, California, Barossa Valley and my favourite place in the whole world The Sandon. All with my laptop, to sit in beautiful places and connect with my tribe.

I called in the most incredible, deep, visionary leaders to mentor. The kind of conversations I get paid for blow my mind. As a mentor, I feel like I’m witness to some of the most powerful soul becomings I’ve ever seen.

The women in my program have become powerful energy & soul practitioners because my soul told me to get my work out there.

I put my hand on my heart and say, that everything I have created for myself this year has been because I’ve been following the strategic advice of my soul and was willing to trust her ways (even when I thought she was leading me down the crazy path!).

I spoke directly to her and allowed her to manifest my greatest possibilities.

Before I could get to this place of radical abundance, my soul asked me to follow her into the most epic healing journey I’ve ever had.

The year before this one, I had felt pretty broken.

I was deep in my cave, making no money because I had closed down my practitioner business and in the dark night of my soul.

I was exhausted and so very empty. I even wondered whether I was depressed.

My soul had told me I needed to teach my healing system others. She told me about the vision she had for it – to transform the lives of healers and leaders so that they could share their gifts and activate their riches.

I trusted her and began to develop my program. I wrote a healing manual. Recorded over 20 training videos. Created a free training and cellular healing journey. Commissioned a new website.

But I nearly lost myself in the process. I felt so weighed down by my own inadequacy. And this very old, nearly ancient, darkness started to rise up within me.

I realised that I wasn’t just creating a program, I was rebirthing my soul. And my soul, being the wild thing she is, had a whole universe of my karma to move through before she could actually land her light on the earth plane again.

It was intense. My business friends thought I had lost my way. I begun to believe I was the woman who would never get there.

But my soul held me through those dark months. She spoke to me about trust and healing. She told me that this experience, no matter how dark or unknown or intense, was her medicine and she was celebrating that I had the courage to stay with it.

She told me that I was holding the energies of light and dark within my womb, that I was weaving them back into union, so that I could share this art with others.

And that if I could ride it out, my life would never EVER be the same again.

Her words were what kept me going. That, and the circle of friends and family who loved me unconditionally, even though many couldn’t understand why this program seemed to spin me into some other vortex completely.

And my soul was right. It did change my life.

I became a new woman. The woman who rocks it.

Who manifests the most amazing opportunities into her life. Who plays happily in the currency of love, riches, adventures and cash and knows she is so ready to be the leader her soul dreams of.

But if I didn’t have my soul to talk to, if I didn’t have her words guiding me or her medicine and her light to lift me…….

I wouldn’t be in this place.

I would still be dreaming of everything I desired, feeling very stuck and somewhat broken. Watching other people manifest beautiful lives and wondering why I couldn’t do it for myself.

And I know this is the same for every woman I work with. Her soul is the power that elevates her back into the woman she knows she is. Her soul has the magic she requires to shift out of her limitation and create her healing work in the world.

And that’s why every woman I work with learns to speak intimately and regularly to her soul.

We’ve got the soul on speed dial.

I teach them the ancient ritual of journeying to her soul’s temple to meet her soul, her guiding beings and her soul clients. This is where she goes to ignite soul healing for herself – the kind of healing that opens your being and your body to the light and magic of the soul once again.

When you reconnect at this level, when you open yourself enough so that your soul is free to flow through you, that’s when the love and riches of the whole universe can flow too.

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  1. emma
    September 29, 2017 at 12:46 am

    This is so beautiful Melissa <3 I feel like YOU are speaking to my soul with your message. Thank you x

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