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  • Carly Stephen

    Working with Melissa has been a GODDESS-send with a capital G. Mel radiates pure love, presence, care and wisdom, and has been a treasured doula for me - helping me to birth realisations, epiphanies, and crystal clear clarity in to the world.

    Mel possesses a combination of both worldly and other-worldly energy medicine gifts, which she blends together in to a precisely perfect alchemical formula needed for you, right in the here and now.

    Having this blessed soul on my team has been been life-changing. If this sounds like something you're up for - I suggest you get her on your team too!

    Carly Stephan

  • Susana Frioni

    Working with Melissa has been one of my most profound, insightful, transformative and nurturing experiences.

    Susana Frioni, Love Sex Desire

  • Nicole Mathieson

    Melissa is a truly authentic soul healer. Like Mother Earth, she lovingly holds the space for all of you. She reaches in and gently guides you to your truth. All your pain becomes part of the beauty of who you are - your pearl.

    Melissa has helped me find myself as healer, she has helped soften the most hardened and guarded parts of me, transforming them into my gifts and the fuel to fire my unique purpose.

    Nicole Mathieson, Kinesiologist + Intimacy Coach

  • Jenna Ward

    Melissa is a beautiful person, who emanates such warmth and compassion.

    Working with Melissa has resulted in profound and wonderful transformations within my career, my health, my happiness and my life. Melissa has shown me the way to gently unfold and guide me into my own unique wisdom and joy for which I am truly thankful.

    JENNA WARD, Kinesiologist + Embodiment Coach + Waymaker

  • Riss Carlyon

    Melissa is an extraordinary practitioner, one who is grounded, holds a loving intent and a warm space.

    She knows when to take you on a deep dive and feel into your murk and when to bring you to the surface for illumination. It is rare to find wisdom and intuition like Melissa's. She is an impactful agent of positive change and radiance!

    Riss Carlyon, Warrior and Goddess

  • Liz Hynd

    Melissa is a Goddess who is captivating, exudes the most glorious energy and has such a powerful, potent presence. She is someone who 'owns it' and brings soul to everything she does.

    She is authentically intoxicating and I was drawn to work with her because I 'wanted what she had.' She is intuitive and thoughtful and always knows the right questions to delve deeper while still holding a safe space. Working with Melissa has been one of the most beautiful investments I have made in myself.

    Liz Hynd, Girl Gone Funny

  • Jo Rogers

    Throughout our sessions together Melissa always held a safe space for me to explore a deep understanding of myself.

    With her intuitive nature and compassion, I was able to achieve major shifts in my life that opened up amazing personal & business abundance. I can highly recommend Melissa to anyone willing to take forward action & bring healing into their lives.

    Jo Rogers, Yoga Instructor

  • Tracey Tighe

    Melissa has a hard-earned wisdom, courage to be authentic and compassionate and grounded presence which I found so palpable, comforting and reassuring.

    Her work and gifts she brings to it are a blessing and have been a profound catalyst to help me open even more fully to my truth, my calling and my essence.

    She's a bright and shiny soul.

    Tracey Tighe, Nia Teacher

  • Megan Porter

    Committing to working with Melissa was the best gift I've ever given myself. She was exactly what I needed and more! I felt so supported in what initially felt like a big scary stage of my career.

    She has an awesome way of making my spirit feel safe whilst encouraging me to play with possibilities and deep desires. What I really valued most though, was how she grounded all that magic into practical steps (the hardest part for me!). I walked away after every session feeling grounded, connected and inspired. Gee's! Tuning back into that has just made me want to come back for more! She is a true blue gem of a woman.

    Megan Porter, Homeopath>

  • Tahlee Rouillon

    Melissa left me feeling radiant, inspired and connected.

    She is a gifted healer who not only holds a beautiful space, but also gave me a framework to reconnect to the wisdom that was uncovered during our time together. Life feels that much easier and joyful thanks to Melissa.

    Tahlee Rouillon, Sonesence Meditones Music

  • Nicole Kinnaird

    I would love to recommend Melissa to everyone! I gained so much from her wise, gentle, deep healing sessions.

    She brings beautiful insights, experiences and learning in a safe environment for transformation and healing to occur.

    Nicole Kinnaird, Psychotherapist

  • Megan Koufos

    Melissa is such a beautiful and gentle soul who is so intuitive and A-MAZING at what she does.

    Thank you so much beautiful lady for your time and energy I feel so clear and light.

    Megan Koufos, Energy healer + intuitive coach

  • Debbie Wilton

    Upon our first meeting, I knew I had found a kindred spirit whose light and wisdom I very quickly trusted could guide me to where I had, for so long, been yearning to go.

    With the help of Melissa's profound intuition, kindness and insight, I have been able to find greater security within myself, deeper trust in my purpose and am experiencing the freedom and joy of being passionate and excited about bringing a fuller expression of my authentic self.

    Debbie Wilton , Writer

  • Alana Chancellor

    After a few short minutes with Melissa, I knew I had met someone special.

    Her unwavering ability to truly immerse herself in every word her clients pour out to her amazes me. Melissa is a healer who has guided me to open myself in ways I didn't know possible and it is only now that I have truly started to deal with my stress, without self judgement or criticism.

    Alana Chancellor

  • Jess Leggatt

    What an absolute honour and privilege to have worked with Melissa! I call her my Soul Whisperer.

    She truly has an incredibly unique gift to open you up, expose your truth and speak to the part in you that perhaps you didn’t even know existed – your soul’s innermost dreams and desires, your true essence. Ultimately, the greatest gift that Melissa gave me is the blessing to stay true to my heart, to not water myself down and to share my story and message in a way that is authentic, raw and an honest reflection of my soul’s quest.

    Jess Leggatt

  • Kirri White

    Tingling with aliveness, centred, affirmed and filled with courage. These are some of the words that describe how I felt after my sessions with Melissa.

    You can’t help but feel deeply seen and loved in her presence. Melissa is my go-to Goddess for holistic recalibration!

    Kirri White

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