The Soul Compass

The Soul Compass technique to unlock your energy & tune you back into your soul.

  • Learn the secret forces within you & how to weave them
  • Transform any challenge & shift back into flow
  • Clear your own energy & deepen your healing
  • Understand how to leverage the power of the universe

Every Intuitive & Energy Worker should have this instantaneous transformation technique

Woman, doing your soul work ain’t always easy!

Wild, spirited, deep, messy, glorious. But not easy.

Being a sensitive soul is what makes your gifts so special. It’s part of your intuitive power & the magic you’re meant to bring into the world.

But it also means you’re constantly channelling new energy, feeling deep things and healing old wounds.
If we don’t keep unlocking our energy and opening our hearts along our soul journey, we can find ourselves stuck, heavy and wondering if we are the woman who can pull off her dreams. Hint: we are. This is the lifetime we rise up into our big vision.

And the thing is, the whole universe is at your back, ready to give you exactly what you need to fulfil your dreams.

It’s time to learn how to unlock that power & learn how to shift & harmonise your own energy.

Introducing the Soul Compass

When you weave the energy of the Soul Compass, you will:

+ Accelerate your soul path and start actualizing your desires

+ Clear the deep, limiting patterns and free your energy

+ Expand your whole being and learn your different aspects

+ Connect deeper to your soul

New Energy Medicine Technique

About Melissa

Melissa Sandon is a soul mentor and energy medicine teacher.

She guides women to step up and do their soul work, be rich and wild in selling their gifts and make their impact by serving their unique tribe of soul clients.

She has co-created with thousands of women, witnessed hundreds of soul re-births and still tears up in that pretty amazing moment when a woman chooses to commit to her destiny and fulfill her soul work.

Melissa runs the Soul Leader facebook group for passionate soul women, guides women to birth their potential in her signature 6 month Soul Leader School and grows practitioners into their mastery with the Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner Certification.

Melissa on the beach

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